About us

We endeavour to create meaningful built environments, that are customized for you to bring a sense of calm, wellbeing and comfort. A feeling of “being at home”, designed for usability, efficiency and a sense of “place” – a place where you would want to be, spend time and delightfully do things.

What do we do?

We are architects based in Bangalore, offering services in architecture, interior design and landscape design. Sustainable building technologies and methods (green buildings) are dear to us and we continue to seek opportunities with clients willing to make green-homes  which use unconventional or vernacular building methods, materials and are self-reliant in power-generation and water management.

How do we do?

Over decades we have continued to work with our team of carpenters from Barmer, Rajasthan for most of our interior projects. For building construction projects, we rely on local builders familiar with local needs and resources. Each of our furniture pieces is handcrafted and custom designed for the project. Sometimes, to give a genuine ambience and material feel, we source genuine antique furniture for interior projects.

Who are we?

Tabula Rasa is led by Architect Hetal Varma. She is a graduate of the Centre for Environment Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad. She leads all architecture and interior design work. Architect Nikhil Varma, also an alumnus of CEPT, specializes in heritage documentation and conservation. We also collaborate with specialized firms and individual experts as needed. Occasionally we have worked with distinguished people to guide and shape work on Museums and historical documentation. See more about our heritage work under Idam Heritage (idamindia.org)

Email: tabularasaindia@gmail.com | Phone: 9448118796 or 9741491577

Studio @Nobo Nagar, Nr. Meenakshi Temple, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560076



We try to bring Indian design sensibilities reinterpreted in our built environment as well as interior design work without conforming to any particular genre. Each form has its own charm and appeal, and deserves its own design process and appreciation. No matter how they are shaped or look, they have to be shaped around you! We create spaces which make you feel you belong there and bring happiness! We achieve this by working inside-out, from your perspective of functional use, aspiration and imagination resolving functional requirements with design that articulate into a meaningful and an apt design language.


Our interior projects, like architecture, are designed inside-out. Starting from the functional requirements, resolving them by design and a visual language to create the desired ambience. We offer high grade, turnkey interior projects. Working with traditional materials like solid wood, plywood and real-wood veneers for furniture is our USP. These provide sophisticated, timeless and maintenance free interiors that just can’t be store-bought and would last over generations. Each furniture piece is hand crafted by our team of carpenters and diligently hand-polished in various finishes. We envisage the projects in totality and deliver interiors which are unique and suited to your personality, needs and aspirations.


We specialize in green construction techniques like mud-block walls, cob-walls, filler-slabs and mud-plaster. Our team consists of an experienced contractor with his masons, plumbers and electricians who can execute a project for you if construction is something that gives you shivers!


Our custom-designed modular kitchens are international in quality and finish, yet suited to Indian needs. We consider how you use your kitchen- right from how you store things, the kind of food you cook, what things you like to keep handy and what can be stashed away to how you deal with your trash and dirty dishes. Our counter and cabinet heights are based on your height and ergonomics. And therefore, each of our kitchens is one of a kind. Made in partnership with our trusted vendors, our kitchens come in all the finishes available in the market; they not only look great but conceal a lot of storage too and serve you trouble-free for years!(of course 10 years are guaranteed!)


Architecture without connection to its surroundings is like a life without friends! We pay as much attention to what our indoors open into. We design the indoors in a way that the space naturally flows into the outdoors as its obvious extension. There are also projects where we are brought in to create just the right landscape for an existing building. We design and execute hard and soft landscape for home-gardens and terrace gardens incorporating natural and man made elements, appropriate plant selection and outdoor lighting.


We want to be as gentle on mother earth as possible while making buildings. We have been striving from the start of our practice back in the year 2001, to design green-buildings, buildings that are designed, constructed and operated with minimal impact on the environment. Our designs are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of a home by making sure the building, on a daily basis, uses less energy by employing water conservation & harvesting, effective use of natural light & shade and by reliance on renewable energy options like solar power and wind power.